Clay Shooting is a fairly realistic Clay Pigeon Shooting Game for Android.

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Features of Clay Shooting

Google Play

Clay Shooting uses Google Play Leaderboards and Google Play Achievements to compare your shooting skills worldwide or with your Google+ groups.


The Player has to shoot a standard round of 25 clays are shot from 7 stations in a semicircle. At the ends of the semicircle are the High and Low traps from which targets are released on a fixed trajectory and within defined limits.

Double Trap

The player stands behind the trap that releases the clays. Two clays are released simultaneously from the trap. They follow set paths through 5 positions, to left and right of straightaway. The player can take one shot at each clay, there are a total of 10 clays per trap.

Down the Line

Clays are fired to a distance of around 50 metres at a fixed height and with a horizontal ‘spread’ of up to 22 degrees either side of the centre line. The player shoots at a single clay in turn. Then move one place to the right and continue until they have all completed a standard round of 25 clays.


The Player has to shoot a set number of clays in each round within a certain time. Shooting the allotted amount of clays will progress the player to the next round failure to do so means ‘game over’. Get a high score in Arcade to feature in the leaderboard.


Unlock 5 mini games by completing different challenges. Mini games include Crow Hunt, Clay Attack, Pheasant Shoot, 30 Seconds and Bird Trap.

Shooting Range

Learn how to shoot or work on becoming a better shooter. The Shooting range features static and moving targets to practice your aim.

3 year old trailer

We will create an updated video one day…

“the gameplay is what counts and I found the shooting and controls to be spot on”

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Get Clay Shooting for Android


Clay Shooting is made by just me, Craig Jarratt, help me out and share it with your friends and write a super awesome review on google play

Change Log

– V2.2 Added new challenge.

Bugs and Suggestions

If you need help, have experienced a bug or have ideas how to improve Clay Shooting please email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Upcoming Features

– New Challege Level with FISH!