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Shopify Case Study
Objectives: Design, Development & Retainer Launch Date: 20/09/2022
Mission: Ro&Zo

Design • Development • Retainer

A redesign and bespoke build to show-off the beautiful prints & sustainable fabrics of this premium womenswear brand.

Captains Log. Earthdate 2022. In the vast space of online fashion, Brave the Skies picked up a distress signal from the renowned womenswear brand Ro & Zo.

  • Conversion rate up 8%
  • Average order value up 10%
  • Online orders up 227%
  • Returning customer rate up 62%

*First 10 months post launch compared to the previous period

Mission: Ro&Zo

The Brief

Ro & Zo were already a rising star of the industry, stocking in some of the UK’s most prestigious retailers including Selfridges, Next and John Lewis. But they found themselves in urgent need of elevating their online shopping experience.

Mission: Ro&Zo

They needed a partner to take them to new heights, strengthen their position in the market and deliver a website capable of matching their ambitions.

The stakes were high, the arrival of a stellar new collection loomed on the horizon and the launch of the improved store had to coincide. The countdown was on. Could they find a partner capable of warpspeed before it was too late?

The Mission

Brave the Skies touched down with a proposal: a new design and build on the Shopify Plus platform. One that better reflected their brand, showcased their products and provided a superior shopping experience. Together they embarked on a design discovery mission, to unearth who their users are and how their online journey could be improved.

Once these key factors were determined, the Brave crew rose to the challenge of developing the brand's personality with new typography and a premium design. All whilst enhancing the UX to create a seamless shopping experience.

Mission: Ro&Zo

With the design flightpath in place, the bright and bold development team got to work. Everything came down to speed. Not only the tight deadline, but the sitespeed had to be optimal.

The Results

The results were nothing short of an intergalactic triumph. In the first year post launch the conversion rate rocketed 8%, the average order value soared 10% and online orders surged by an astronomical 227%. Leaving behind a trial of cosmic delight.

Not only that, but as if drawn by the gravitational pull of the enhanced UX, returning customers increased by an astonishing 62%