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Be Brave Podcast - #2: Founder Stories: Only Curls

Be Brave Podcast - #2: Founder Stories: Only Curls

Subject Podcast Launch Date: 16/08/2023
Be Brave Podcast - #2: Foun...

Welcome to the Be Brave podcast brought to you by Brave the Skies. 

This podcast showcases and celebrates ecommerce merchant stories to find out about founders' motivation to start their business and allow them to tell their brand story and their ecommerce journey.

In this episode, we meet Lizzie and Hugo Lewis, co-founders of Only Curls and husband and wife. For those who don't know, Only Curls is a passionate brand about people embracing their curls. Their styling products are packed with natural nourishing ingredients that penetrate and hydrate the hair, bringing curls back to life. 

We delve into their motivations for launching the business and working together. How they've grown and engaged the curly-haired community of customers, and of course, we find out about their tech stack.  

Learn key insights from Hugo and Lizzie and their story of being brave and launching and growing an online brand. 

Topics include:

  • How Only Curls began
  • Starting a business with one single product
  • Launching on Shopify 
  • Jumping on the curly hair community on Instagram
  • Sourcing a production manager and a product line
  • Divide and conquering responsibilities 
  • The tech stack 
  • Klaviyo for email marketing
  • Shopify Plus, an enabler for the business
  • Customers turning into employees
  • Wholesale and Shopify B2B
  • Using TikTok as a customer-service platform
  • International expansion post-Brexit
  • The Only Curls app
  • SMS and engaging with customers
  • The future for Only Curls

Thank you to our guests, Lizzie and Hugo, for sharing their story.

Hosted by Stephen Kenealy, Managing Director, Brave the Skies