Be Brave Podcast - #4: Founder Stories: Ro&Zo

Welcome to the Be Brave podcast brought to you by Brave the Skies. 

This podcast showcases and celebrates ecommerce merchant stories to find out about founders' motivation to start their business and allow them to tell their brand story and their ecommerce journey.

In this episode, we meet Rosie Bowden and Zoe de Abreu – Co-founders of Ro&Zo. For those who don't know, Ro&Zo is a female-founded fashion brand with a philosophy to make all women feel the best version of themselves. They design timeless feminine pieces with a sustainable approach.

Tune in as we delve into their motivations for launching the business, how they've grown their community of Ro&Zo women, and, of course, we find out about their tech stack.  

Learn key insights from Rosie and Zoe's story of bravely launching and growing an online brand. 

Topics include:

  • How Ro&Zo began
  • Building a fashion business during the pandemic
  • Being a sustainable & responsible brand
  • Success in marketing & PR
  • Launching on Shopify 
  • The wider tech stack
  • Being the faces of Ro&Zo
  • Building an engaged community - the Ro&Zo woman
  • The future for Ro&Zo

Thank you to our guests, Rosie and Zoe, for sharing their stories.

Hosted by Molly Smith, Head of Marketing, Brave the Skies

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