Be Brave Podcast: #3: Founder Stories: Faerly

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Be Brave podcast by Brave the Skies!

In this episode, we immerse ourselves in eCommerce and sustainability alongside James Byrne, co-founder of Faerly. James shares his entrepreneurial journey, from his diverse background and career experiences to the inspiration that fueled the creation of Faerly, an online store committed to offering sustainable and ethical products.

We embark on a fascinating exploration of James' journey, from his earlier days in his family toy store to his venture into entrepreneurship. Tracing the eCommerce trajectory in Ireland, we unravel how challenges and experiences converged to give birth to Faerly. We shed light on vital aspects such as their tech stack and the role of Shopify, coupled with automation apps like Klayvio, in powering their business operations.

We explore the complex marketing landscape for small businesses, including the pivotal roles of SEO and digital PR, while addressing the nuanced dynamics of social media advertising and email marketing. Delving into customer engagement and trust-building, we examine the utilisation of review platforms and unveil customer service strategies and operations vital for niche retailing.

Join us for this enlightening conversation, where James candidly shares his journey, insights, and ambitious vision for a sustainable eCommerce venture. Stay brave, and keep listening!

Listen here:


Topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship, Family Business, and Career Evolution 
  • Early eCommerce Days in Ireland, Business Ideas, and COVID-19 Impact 
  • Sustainable Living and Ethical Product Sourcing Practices
  • Prioritising Irish suppliers and meaningful product stories
  • Sustainability in Ecommerce Operations 
  • Shopify's Significance and Automation Apps.
  • Marketing Channels and Strategies for a Small Business
  • Importance of Reviews and Customer Engagement
  • Technical Aspects and Business Growth 
  • Sustainable Business Practices and Profitability 

Hosted by Stephen Kenealy, Managing Director, Brave the Skies

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