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Case Study - Sahara
Shopify Case Study
Objectives: Design, Development, Retained Services Launch Date: 27/02/2023

Design • Development • Retained Services

A beautiful, user focused redesign and bespoke build that perfectly aligns with the brand mission, values and heritage.

  • Users up 11.4%
  • Average engagement time up 14.4%
  • Average order value up 3%
  • Average revenue per paying user up 3.9%

Captains log, earthdate 2022. Brave the Skies picked up a distress signal from the acclaimed womenswear boutique, Sahara. The highstreet stalwarts had been chasing the outdated mirage of BluCommerce and needed help to guide them through the digital dunes of the Shopify Plus platform.

Sahara Mobile


Yearning for a leap into the future, they enlisted the services of Brave the Skies to launch a best-in-class, immersive experience representative of their brand and products.

Sahara Desktop Image


The courageous crews worked closely together to create a beautiful store that combined the inspiring legacy of the brand and its values with a seamless user experience.


Armed with the latest research that shows DTC shoppers place a large emphasis on building an emotional connection with a brand, Brave the Skies got to work on a design that was uniquely Sahara.

The design leaned into their spirit of adventure and beautiful prints to create an immersive premium store that perfectly balanced practicality with personality.

The development crew created a fully integrated business model connecting all their stock locations and customer data. A customisable content management system that empowered the team to regularly update and manage content in order to boost engagement and sales.


As the digital dust settled, the results in the first ten months spoke of triumph. Users, drawn like desert wanderers to a distant oasis, surged by an impressive 11.4%.The average engagement time soared by 14.4%. The treasure trove grew richer as the average order value and the average revenue per paying user ascended by 3% and 3.9%, respectively.

Good work crew. Mission accomplished.